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Tattoo Skincare Kit


From the time your tattoo artist begins to apply the ink, your skin needs extra TLC to keep it healthy – and to keep your tattoo looking its best. That’s why proper aftercare is so important.



Since your body is designed to “reject” or “attack” foreign substances (like tattoo ink), it’s especially important to keep your tattooed skin healthy and protected.  That’s why proper aftercare is so important.

Our Calming Balm and Tattoo Lotion are made from natural ingredients, with nothing harsh or irritating – and are designed to take your tattoo from your first ink session until… forever. Our balm will help your skin heal, while relieving common irritation and itching. And our lotion will protect your skin and your ink from the elements. Keep Your Ink healthy and bold with Keep Your Ink Calming Balm and Tattoo Lotion.



Tattoo Lotion: Apply Daily on Clean Skin
Tattoo Calming Balm: Apply Daily as Needed 



Tattoo Lotion: Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, and Argan oil all moisturize, soften, and strengthen skin with fatty acids. Shea butter and grape seed oil are rich in anti-oxidants and nourish skin on a cellular level.

Tattoo Calming Balm:  Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, argan oil, and manuka honey to provide anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial benefits